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VB:Logs – Gospel Promo MAG

Last month we were very privileged to have been contacted by GospelPromo Mag. They are a website that  believe in exposing good new Gospel and Christian music to as many people as possible. They asked us if we would be happy being featured and of course we jumped at the chance. Heres what we had to say:


Album Cover

Could you give us your bio?

Voices Beyond is a Manchester-based gospel collective, made up of singers and musicians who write original gospel songs and perform across the UK. The collective has been together since March 2013 and is passionate about creating and performing uplifting and inspirational music, with the mission to touch and encourage everybody who listens.  

‘We are passionate about sharing the gospel through our unique sound and we want to shake up the UK Gospel scene. We believe our music, which is a fusion of Gospel, Jazz, R&B and Motown, can do this’. 

 In 2015 they released their first EP titled A.W.E (Authentic Worship Everyday) on the 22nd of November 2015, which was received well by their fans & supporters and reached number 18 in the iTunes inspirational charts. They bring a fresh and modern approach to gospel music by offering an appealing and authentic sound whilst remaining original and unique.

Who are your top influences?

  1. As a collective our biggest influences come from our individual relationships with God. Being Christians inspires us to write songs that praise and worship God but also songs that tell of the struggles we can sometimes face as believers. 
  1. We are also influenced by a lot of Gospel music, most especially Gospel groups, the main ones being Lawrence Flowers & Intercession and Trey McLaughlin and Sounds of Zamar – We love their arrangements and we definitely love the writing from Lawrence Flowers.
  1. We are influenced by a number of Gospel artists as well including: Fred Hammond, Jonathan McReynolds and even more contemporary crossover Gospel artists like Chance the Rapper. 

When are your new projects coming out?

We are hoping to release new music at the end of this year! We are currently in the process of writing new songs and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!

What helped you get into music?

Quite a few of our members grew up in church, which helped them to develop a musical ear and sparked their interest in music. Having parents who encouraged and nurtured our musical talents from a young age also helped but the main thing we would say is just having a genuine passion for writing and performing and then finding like minded people to do this with is the main thing that keeps us going. Knowing that music is a powerful tool and that we get to use this tool as a way to spread a message of love and joy keeps us motivated and is one of the main reasons we all got into music.  

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

That God loves them and God has a purpose for them!

What are your biggest goals for 2017?

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our music and to win souls into the Kingdom of God.
  • To write and release our music independently.
  • To take our brand beyond Manchester and the UK. 

Who does your music appeal to the most?

Even though we class our music as Gospel we do feel we have a unique sound, as our songs can be quite jazzy and we are looking to explore more of a neo-soul and hip hop sound in our writing this time around. So our music would appeal to anyone who enjoys listening to this type of music and people who appreciate interesting arrangements. We also really enjoy writing fun, upbeat music that makes people want to dance but on the other hand we enjoy writing songs that are thought provoking and have deep meanings behind them, so we feel our songs would appeal to people that like to go on a journey when listening to music. We also try and make sure our songs appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. 

How long have you been writing your own music?

Quite a few of us have been writing independently for sometime but as a collective we have been writing together now for nearly four years. 

Do you perform your music live?

Yes, we love performing live! That’s a big part of what we do as we love that we get to share our testimonies with people face to face when we talk about what are songs are about. It’s so great to interact with the crowd and see people dancing and having a good time to the songs that we perform. It’s also nice to hear people’s feedback and to meet people who are genuinely interested in us and what we do. We perform all across the UK now -people can check our website page for an update on all our performances. 

What is the best way for people to follow you and your music?







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