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VB:Logs – New Music!!!

On Friday 21st April 2017 we had the first of many writing days! We – 4 vocalist, 1 pianist and 1 electric guitarist, started the day by listening to some artists that we love and explained what we enjoyed about their music. This included Beyonce, Lawrence Flowers & intercession, Solange and Chance the rapper.

We then had a great conversation about the different things we had been thinking and learning about, praying through or realising. We covered a lot! This included Pride, Humility, worship, salvation, being content in christ yet wanting more of him and a look at the selfish society that we live in. (So you know… the light stuff)


The one thing that really came through across all that we had spoken about was tension; the tension that we find in our christian walks, the tension we find in this world and the tension we can sometimes feel there is in God.

The result of the day was brilliant, we started on a song that we are really pleased with and have began to form a sound and a concept for our next body of work.

Was it hard at times… you betcha, but we know all the hard work will result in music that means something.

We’ll keep you up to date with what we’re doing and where we are with the music, but for now enjoy the pictures and videos from this writing day.


IMG_0117       VB Boys

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