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Manchester International Festival, July 2017

Performing is something that Voices Beyond Gospel Collective (VB Hereafter) love to do. We have the opportunity to perform at all sorts of events: big and small, fancy and… not so fancy, Church settings and “secular” settings. There is something special about performing at a free entry gig, to people from a variety of ages, backgrounds and faiths and in the middle of Manchester- our home city.
This is what we had the joy of doing TWICE!!! On the 9th and 13th of July we performed at Manchester International Festival (MIF) for the second time! We had two brilliant shows each with two fun sets! (I’m seeing a theme of two’s developing here)
Those sets included everything that you can expect from us. Original songs including our single “You make me wanna”, Motown classics like “My girl” and those songs you just love to hear, such as “Happy”by Pharrell and “Signed sealed delivered”. And of course we can’t forget the Gospel covers and mash ups that we take particular Joy in sharing with people!
Speaking of forgetting- We had such a good time on one of the performances that we decided to give a song that we had not done in a long time ago, “Never too much” by Luther Vandross. If you can hear us Luther, we are SO sorry for getting most of the words wrong!!
Songs that, thank God, went better than “Never too much” was some of the new covers that we added to our set! One that took a lot of time to prefect and worked so much better than we had hoped was our chance the rapper mash up! We LOVE chance and we took the opportunity to introduce some of his songs to people that might not have heard them before. A highlight for me, was when we reached the part in the mash up that we sing “Special” (which is sung by D.R.A.M on chances album). Having the opportunity to look out at people and tell them they are special was… well… SPECIAL! Its one of the things that I love doing!
We also got to meet some lovely foreign exchange students from Spain who said that they really enjoyed the show and asked to take a selfi with us, which of course we agreed to! #VBSelfie And we even ran into one of friends, who’s wedding we sang it a few years ago at Manchester Town Hall, which was very near to where we performing, so we had a lovely time with her reminiscing on what a wonderful day it was. And of corse we had to get a picture with her as well!
Through the collective and the agency we get to perform in spaces that a lot of christian and gospel artist don’t and we tell people through song the truth of God and what he thinks of them. This is such a privilege! It’s the heart of the company and keeps us wanting to get bigger and better, because at the end of it all we know we are performing for an audience of one!

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