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Diane Shaw

We do a lot across the company so we wanted to give you an insight into one of our regular engagements.


We absolutely love working with Diane Shaw. As an artist and performer she is outstanding and as a person she is divine!

Diane has performed for 20 years on stages alongside Soul Legends such aTito-n-Diane-Shaw-1-450x300s Tito Jackson, The Stylistics, Martha Reeves, Sister Sledge and Alexander O’Neal. She is a Northern soul artist who, along with her band, are widely respected in the northern soul community.

In 2015 she came out with her first album “Love, Life andStings” which debuted at No. 1 on the soul Charts and her up and coming album “Second Chance” is set to do even better!



So where do we come in??

We provide backing vocals for Diane’s performances which are accompanied by our own choreography. So all the ooo’s and ahh’s you might hear on a supremes song, that would be us with Diane (shaw, not ross).  We love doing this and have lots of fun working with Diane and the whole band!

Please enjoy some pictures from our most recent gigs with the Diane Shaw Band.

All pictures where taken from Diane Facebook page:

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